Two unlikely partners who grew up in the village of Walden NY hooked up one day. One a retired no-good-nik and the other an accomplished movie director ; the later of which having no fly fishing experience.

Together they hatched a plan to come up with a fly fishing documentary film, based in the Catskill Mountains of New York, to share the history of a cult type sport. The film encompasses the heros and legends from the late 1880’s to the present day . They assembled some of the true living legends of the sport, along with an eclectic array of modern day characters both professional and weekend warrior fly fisher persons. These characters include the broad spectrum of men, women and kids’ who all share the common passion to chase trout with a fly rod. The journey has taken both of us to a new understanding of the sport. The most pleasurable part of the journey was the common thread of conservation towards the great places fishing takes us. A few Newcastle Brown Ales, Miller High Lifes and Jim beams Did not hurt

Meet the Team

Bruce Concors:

Executive Producer

Bruce Concors is a retired business man who has spent the last 55 years as a fly tyer and fisherman. He is a contract fly pattern designer for Pacific Fly Group. Through the influence of his mentor  Larry Sutter as well as Harry and Elsie Darbee, he has mixed traditional fly tying materials and techniques with modern materials and techniques to tie specialized new patterns for difficult trout and steelhead. During the fishing season he lives on the upper East Branch Of The Delaware in Downsville NY  and  is on the Delaware system over 100 days a year testing fly patterns, either rowing his drift boat or walk wading. When not fishing with his buddies or his wife Stacey and bird dog Tippet, he ties flies and wishes he was on the river fishing with his buddies, or his wife Stacey or his bird dog Tippet. Learn more about Bruce by clicking here.

Aaron Weisblatt


Aaron is an oscar nominated independent filmmaker. He produces, writes and directs. He often works as a cameraman and also as an editor.  He has been working in the film and television industry for over 25 years and has worked on many features and television shows as a sound editor and a picture editor. He has produced award-winning documentaries and has developed and produced ideas for television in the form of reality sizzle reels. Learn more about Aaron by clicking here.

Robert Featherstone

Director of Photography

Rob Featherstone is a cinematographer.  He shoots commercial, narrative and documentary.  Commercial clients include Marvel, Macy’s, Garnier , Nexxus and Coke. The documentary “A fine Line” about female chefs won “Best Cinematography” at the Borderlands Film Festival. “Love Gilda” opened the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.  “Forensics you Decide” which aired on MSNBC won a Cine Golden Eagle.  “The Artificial Leaf” won 2nd place in the Focus Forward Film Festival.  “Requiem for the American Dream”and “Indian Point”premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.  “Farmer of the Year” , a feature film staring Barry Corbin and Terry Kiser won the audience choice award at the Minneapolis International Film Festival.  Rob studied classics at Wesleyan University.  When not on a shoot he can be found in Beacon New York with his wife and daughter: usually splitting wood for the winter or re-reading the poems of Catullus. Learn more about Robert by clicking here.

Nick Poholchuk

Location Sound Recordist

Nick is an accomplished sound guy whose credits are numerous. His work includes "Love, Gilda", "Bride Killa", "Plastic", and "Do the Math" to name a few. Nick is no stranger to film, TV and live work. Learn more about Nick by clicking here.

Ian Hatton

Music Composer

Ian's career started as a guitar player/songwriter recording and touring at an early age. Ian toured and recorded for many years as the driving force for numerous bands such as "Bonham" who went gold with their debut album, he has also preformed and recorded with Robert Plants "Honeydrippers", Paul Rodgers and company and Sarah Brightman to name a few. After ending touring Ian progressed into music production, TV and film scoring with many credits to his name. He is also a consultant for Bose Corporation exploring the possibilities of surround sound, making him very versatile in 5.1 sound productions. Learn more about Ian by clicking here.

Christa Trinler

Assistant Producer/Production Manager

Christa is a professional actor and producer of which she roams back and forth. She has over 20 years experience in theatrical production and corporate communications and has worn many hats. Producer, tour manager, production coordinator, video producer, back stage manager, graphics and speech coordinator and talent wrangler. She is the recipient of a bronze telly award. Learn more about Christa by clicking here.